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Our Mission

I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or physical health. I intend to develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others. I intend to use what I learn in class constructively and defensively, to help my fellow man and myself, and to never be abusive or offensive. I am a student of Taekwondo.

About FHMA

It is never too early or too late to begin learning martial arts at Fountain Hills Martial Arts. Master Smith will provide exercises and advice based on personal attention to each individual's needs. In each class, Master Smith will lead the group in many different training activities depending on experience, age and belt degree. This allows anyone, regardless of experience, to begin learning martial arts easily in regular classes. Students may choose from attending only Taekwondo sessions, only learn combat oriented martial arts, or to attend all classes to become a complete martial artist.

Get Ready for Warrior Camp!

Grab your tactical pants, training gear, and eye protection because Warrior Camp is just around the corner! Sign your child up now for an experience that they will never forget. Get ready for a weekend of intense training, laughs, and memories!

July 20 to July 23

Camp Shadow Pines

Heber, AZ

Call (602) 499-3778 to reserve your spot!

In case you missed the Summer fun!

Grant Instructor Photo

Master Grant Smith

Master Grant Smith is currently a 7th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido, 5th Dan World Tae Kwon Do Federation with the designation of Master Instructor from Grandmaster Shin of San Francisco, California. He is a certified Kali 4 Kids Instructor and an Advanced Level Pekiti Tirsha Kali Combat Instructor. Master Smith also is Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and runs a local practice, Smith Family Chiropractic. A two time Iron Man Champion, Master Smith is an incredible role model and example for our students.

Grant Instructor Photo

Mrs. Tralonie Smith

Mrs. Tralonie Smith (Mrs. Tee) earned her Black Belt under Grand Master D.K. Shin in December of 2012. She is also a certified Kali 4 Kids Instructor. Tee is a dedicated mother of two girls, Fallon and Jillian, and has worked for the Mayo Clinic since 1999. Her personal mantra, moments matter! Mrs. Tees goal each day is be sure each student receives a smile and her full attention. That one moment may be the one that make a difference in their day, maybe in their life. Her passion and commitment to her students is exceptional.

Grant Instructor Photo

Mrs. Jodi Storms

Mrs. Jodi Storms earned her Black Belt under Grand Master D.K. Shin in December of 2012. She is a certified Kali 4 Kids Instructor. Jodi is an accountant by day, married and has a son, Kyle, who is also a Black Belt at age 14. Jodi started her Tae Kwon Do journey in 1985- 1990, she resumed studying with Master Smith in 2010. She lives by believe, respect, honor and loyalty and always finish what you start. It just took her 28 years to do it! Proving persistence can be sweet!

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